Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Threat Posed by

The Globe and Mail’s editors and NATO have published a strong attack (November 18, 2017) on, a website that regularly publishes posts which are critical of the US government, particularly its foreign and military policies. This comes at a time when the liberal political establishment is pushing for political censorship of the alternate media.
Kobani, Syria after U. S. bombing attack

In the 1950s I lived in Washington, DC and witnessed the impact of McCarthyism on the academic environment, the civil service and the racial and gay communities.. But ten years later there was the civil rights movement and the dramatic growth of the anti-war movement.

I have published a few articles on, mostly covering the research I was doing on Afghanistan. One article I wrote in 2009, “Crushing Democracy in Afghanistan,” was reprinted  by Kabul Press. The editor asked me to write more articles as he felt the mainstream media in North America was far off base on Afghan politics.

In 1970 the US government began to give financial support to Sunni Islamist organizations in Afghanistan. In July 1979 the US government and Saudi Arabia began major funding of the Sunni Islamist military forces opposing the Marxist government in Kabul and their Soviet allies. That has turned out well, hasn’t it?

US policy in the Middle East has followed the Carter Doctrine: the close alliance with the feudal Gulf States and the control of their oil is a vital interest. New wars in the Middle East began in 1991. The “Assad Must Go” policy associated with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, is the latest. But public opinion polls in both Canada and the USA reveal that the majority do not want any more wars.

The results of these policies, strongly criticized in posts on,  is very clear.  Mass destruction. Many thousands killed. Millions of refugees. Terrorist attacks on civilians. The rise of new radical right wing political parties. While NATO moves steadily to surround and isolate Russia., it looks like the NATO determination to remove Assad will result in greatly enhancing Russia’s standing in the Middle East.

For NATO and the US Deep State we have the mainstream news by Mark MacKinnon and Doug Saunders. For the critics there is Seymour Hersh and Robert Fisk. The full story of what is happening will eventually emerge.

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